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What are your hopes for the future?

What do you fear the future will bring?

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Whether tales of crumbling cities, robot insurrections, or forbidden alien romances, even the most outlandish stories of the far-off future can speak to our present-day lives. So get ready to delve into the heart of a dying AI, to fly across a crumbling dystopian hell-scape, and to meet far-off civilizations that prove to be more human than we could ever be. The Future Visions Anthologies will bring you stories like these every three months, and much more.

Crack open the pages, the future is waiting...

Quarterly Volumes

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The Future Visions Anthologies are dedicated to bringing high quality science fiction short story collections every three months. You won't want to miss a single one, so sign up to our newsletter and never miss out. 

You don't stop exploring. Neither will we. 



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